Client Reviews 

These are all written by people who I have worked with before!

If you haven't worked with me before, this is a great page to start.


Looking back on the art piece, I would says that TheSamiC has a nice overlay spread website on what you want to be custom made the image for you. You might have to be more clear with your description for her to follow your instruction on what you want. After you made the description of the character or a reference, she will take couple or few days to sketch out the character because she might be business other stuff that causes the delay a bit. The rough sketch have to says look good being a sketch roughly made after your reference or description. I do like the outline of the character soon to be made. TheSamiC goes over the Sketch with you if you want to change something or leave it as is. I like how the artist should the design to the client, so the client can give input back, it is a nice touch. After that she will send you invoice message for the payment option. After you paid it, she will quickly start work on the Line Art of the character. She might make couple error as long the way, you tell her what to change and what you think shouldn't be there. After that she might you if she need more detail if needed for the character involved. After one day or so have passed, she will need more info on the color, so she can work the flat color of the character. I think that the color looks good display the character into a new light or a shine. After TheSamiC finished, she will start on the shading if you pick the option for it your description before and that was work on her live stream. She does a nice job, she might some error with it, it is ok as long as she is improving her craft and thought. She does take her time, and she is really good in arts. We are learning as long as we are living and breathing hoping for success sometimes as long as there is a believe that we can succeed that we will goes for it.

Flurry (DroneDog on FA)

I've gotten a number of art pieces by Sami and my experience has always been great! She's always been super good with communication and turnaround time. I've also gotten physical copies of a few pieces and they've always been excellent quality. I'll definitely be commissioning her again in the future and I cannot recommend her enough!


Great work! Sami is prompt in giving progress reports and estimating the completion time for her work. She can adjust as necessary to more complex design in her art, and knows how to capture the emotions of characters in her pieces.

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