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Commissions Open!

Thank you for checking out my commission prices!

Below are the examples of what you could commission me for.

Before you do, be sure to check out my Terms Of Service.

☻Thank you very much! ☺



$10 per chibi

+$2 for shading per chibi

+$10 for detailed background

A mini version of someone being cute and adorable. Details may cost more if there's armor or difficult details since it's on a tiny body. Person may be simplified!


$30 per portrait

+$20 per added portrait

+$5 for shading per portrait

+$10 for detailed background

A portrait from the waist up in the person's natural state.

Can also be drawn from a photo of the person or people if you're just wanting an anime version of oneself.


Full Body

$40 per full body

+$30 per added full body

+$5 for shading per full body

+$10 for detailed background

A full view, head to toe, of any person you wish to portray.

This art type will give you more freedom and flexibility of what the people are doing in the photo. 

Telegram Stickers

♦ Bitter 1 Sticker - $5

♠ Sour 5 Pack - $24 (Save $1)

♣ Spicy 10 Pack - $47 (Save $3)

♥ Sweet 15 Pack - $70 (Save $5)
★ Savory 20 Pack - $90 (Save $10)

Half to full body shots of your characters as telegram stickers! Have your character be the one to express you through the internet by getting some sweet and expressive stickers.


Reference Sheet


Base is $70

+$7 per added chibi

+$15 per added portrait

+$20 per added full body

References sheets are great to have if you want to get your character commissioned a lot.  These are fully colored and a simple background is added. You can add as much text as you want without an extra cost! The base reference comes with 2 full bodies and a headshot.