FreakOfLove/TheSamiC - Terms of Service


“Artist” refers to TheSamiC and all of FreakOfLove/TheSamiC’s aliases.

“Client” refers to any entity requesting the service of the Artist.

“Commission” refers to a finished product created by the Artist at the request of the Client.


Before the Artist Starts

The Client must have a reference for any characters included in the Commission.  A reference may be a reference sheet, multiple images in which the character is a major focus, or a detailed text description, as well as any other medium approved by the Artist upon request.  If a suitable reference cannot be provided, the Artist may offer to create one as a separate Commission.



Pricing and full payment must be determined and provided before the Artist begins working on the Commission.  The Artist reserves the right to accept half of the required payment before starting work.  If the Artist accepts a partial payment, the Artist will produce at minimum a rough draft (as defined by the Artist) of the final piece before accepting the rest of the payment.  All payments will be processed through PayPal.

If a refund is requested, completion status will be determined by the Artist, and a refund will be issued according to the following situations:

  • If the Commission has not been started or is in the drafting/sketching phase, a full refund will be issued

  • If the Commission is partially completed (In the midst of inking no matter the commission type), half of the payment will be issued

  • If the Commission is in the final stage of work (including but not limited to the coloring of a colored image, the inking of an inked image, and the final coloring or background of background included image), no refund will be issued



Pictures may take up to 10 days to complete.  The Client may request that the Artist provide a private or public viewing of the process.  Images of the Commission “in-progress” may be included with the final Commission by the Artist’s discretion or upon request.



Unless otherwise stated or arranged, the Artist will release the commission under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution-No Derivatives 4.0 International Public License.  This requires that impartial attribution is given to the Artist upon distribution and prohibits the distribution of derivative work.  The Artist is not required to retain a completed commission after 7 days have passed from the completion date (the date on which the Artist provides the commission to the Client).  The Artist will not distribute the pictures unless consent is given by the Client, and the Client has the option to remain anonymous if distribution permission is given.


Thank you very much for reading this over!

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